Money Transfers

Money Transfers

The question of money and how to make a deposit and receive winnings is one of the first questions people will have about online questions. There is hardly a person we have ever spoken too who does not question this, often questioning it with doubt. Transferring money into a casino account is actually a very simple and easy process. There are multiple ways to do this starting with credit cards and then progressing to the use of prepaid cards or online payment systems. Each has its own benefits that are unique and convenient and the same is said for when one wishes to get money that has been won.

When you visit a casino site you will often see an area called “banking” or “cashier” When visiting these sections on a casinos website you will see a number of different ways you can deposit and receive winnings. The most common are the ones I mentioned above but others include transfers directly from your bank, Western Union and even by cheque. In this article we will look at these a little more closely.

Credit cards used to be the most common way people deposited online. It was the fastest way and deposits were credited right away. However in recent years that has changed due to banking laws with many choosing to disallow purchases for egaming with credit cards. In order to use credit cards for egaming transactions today most people will register with an online payment provider and then fund those accounts with their credit cards as this is still allowed.

Prepaid cards are another commonly used form. They allow for easy budgeting of ones gaming budget as only the funds uploads to a prepaid card or the value of the card may be spent. Therefore it becomes an excellent tool to govern yourself in your spending. Uploading to prepaids with winnings is a little more difficult but as long as the casino offers payment by cheque or an online payments to e-wallets then receiving winnings is never an issue and today it is near impossible to find a casino that does not offer many e-wallet solutions for deposits and payments of winnings.

E-wallets, or online payment solutions, are those who operate virtually. They are similar in effect to an online bank account as they allow you to upload funds to your account and spend them as you like. The most commonly known ones are Skrill and Neteller. Both of these will provide you a very secure place to use that will permit you to fund and withdrawal from your e-wallet account as well as deposit and receive winnings from online casinos. There is a fee to upload to your account and fees to send payment to your bank or by cheque but the cost to do so is small in comparison to the peace of mind these offer you.

Using Western Union is not really viable as the costs associated with doing so is high. Most will offer it but it is not a commonly used platform to deposit online nor receive winnings. Direct bank deposits are excellent and the cost to do this is minimal. The time for crediting is almost instant and receiving funds is usually completed in only a few days. Investigate the above options and select the one best for you. Our recommendation is Skrill or Neteller as they offer the best services available to you.